Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Father Says Today: November 26th, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 8.21.45 AMThe Father says today that I am a debt cancelling God. Just as you have received the double for your sins I will cover even financial mistakes you have made and areas where you now realize you should have used more wisdom. You have heard it said that I will not help My children out of troubles that they get themselves into through bad choices. This is a lie. You cannot earn My love or My providence. I move in your life through unconditional mercy and that mercy is renewed every morning. I love you because I love you and I will never stop loving you. Love never fails and as you move into My love and receive My love you enter the fail-safe territory of My unconditional favor.

I am not a capricious God neither am I a petty God who delights in tormenting you over your errors and sins. Forgive yourself for I have forgiven you. Receive by faith the rolling back of the situation and circumstance and do not allow yourself to be ensnared again with the yoke of bondage. I know this is not what you have heard taught but make it your choice to be a Father-pleaser and reject the illegitimate authority of religious condemnation. I love you says the Father with a boundless love without restriction or condition. Allow Me to guard you and guide you and lead you to a new place and a new beginning where the mistakes of the past will no longer rob you and the lessons learned will give you new hope and new possibility.

The Father Says Today: November 26th, 2014

Morning Light - November 25th, 2014: Are You Able to Go to War? (Video)

MLToday: [Numbers Chapter Twenty-Six] Are You Able to Go to War? In this chapter God instructs Moses to tally the number of able bodied men. It was necessary to know how many after a time of plague that could go to war. The men had to be a certain age and it had to be known what tribe they were of. This speaks of maturity and placement. God wants you to know your tribe in the kingdom. He wants to bring you as Eph. 4:11,12 says to the maturity of Christ – because there is a conquest ordained to take the territory of the enemy and establish the kingdom.

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Father Says Today: November 25th, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 8.21.45 AMThe Father says today that opinions are toxic to faith. Opinions arise from rationale and sense knowledge. Faith flows from intuition and revelation knowledge through My word and My voice that is resonant on the inside of you. Make a choice today not to dabble in opinion but trust in My heart that flows down to you through the oil of My Spirit to refresh and renew and guide you in all things. Do not stumble says the Father. Bend your ear low to hear My voice in the silence between your own thoughts. There is no misdirection that can originate in that dwelling place within you where I take up My habitation.

Break the bars and locked gates of opinions. Challenge your opinions with the objective truths of My word and the righteous judgments of My throne. I have adjudicated you and found you just as if you had never transgressed. Receive the cleansing says the Father and wash yourself therefore in the potential of one to whom all things are possible because you choose to hearken to My voice and not the limiting thoughts of your own sense ruled mind or the judgments of others who never looked at you in the light of redemption. This is your day of freedom and authorization to be full of joy, full of power and full of witness for I will never leave you, nor forsake you nor allow anyone or anything to harm you in any way says your Father!

The Father Says Today: November 25th, 2014

Morning Light - November 24th, 2014: Trusting God in the Thorny Place (Video)

MLToday: [Numbers Chapter Twenty-Five] Trusting God in the Thorny Place. In this chapter the people of God encamp in a place filled with thorn trees oozing out sticky gum. It speaks of the thorny and difficult places we find ourselves in at times. In this case the people fall into idolatry with a false god whose name means “dominative father”. Are you following a dominative, dictatorial leader who panders to your insecurities and weaknesses? This is a common temptation but in this chapter we see a stark contrast to the kind of leadership God would rather choose for you in these difficult times.

Morning Light - November 21st, 2014: True Prophets Acting Falsely (Video)

MLToday: [Numbers Chapter Twenty-Four] True Prophets Acting Falsely. Do you think you know a false prophet? Or perhaps in truth you simply saw a true prophet acting falsely! In this chapter we find the continued efforts of Balaam to curse God’s people. You will have in your life from time to time those who will make every effort to make you miserable. They will pray, sacrifice, humble themselves at great lengths hoping that God will somehow act in their behalf to bring you to shame. Every time Balaam opens his mouth to curse God brings a greater blessing. The end of Balaam is a caution to us when we speak criticism against our brothers and sisters. When we criticize and vilify others we bring swift and unnecessary retribution down on our own lives that could have been avoided if we had simply quieted ourselves before God.

Morning Light - November 20th, 2014: Rising Above the Curse of Man (Video)

MLToday: [Numbers Chapter Twenty-Three] Rising Above Man’s Curse. In this chapter the prophet Balaam continues to work with Balak to curse God’s people. Balaam had an accurate gift but a wrong motivation. He attempts to curse the people but finds that it isn’t possible to curse that which God has blessed. Balak tries several times to sacrifice and humble himself to God in order to get God to work against Israel but it doesn’t work. Your enemies are never so humble and spiritual as when they are seeking to do you wrong. The key to overcome when others are working against us spiritually is to keep seeking the kingdom and refuse to be distracted.

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