Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Father Says Today: October 31st, 2014

Russ-n-Kitty-10-2014x175The Father says today this is a day to eat the meat, drink the sweet and celebrate your salvation. The enemy would wear you out with constant threats and even superstitions of men but are you honestly concerned over the playbook of the losing team? You are a victor in Christ says the Father. I overshadow you with My pinions and bear you up in My wings. I am coming up under you today and lifting you to higher heights and greater glories. There is a time to be a watchmen on the wall but there is also a time to curl up with Me and take a nap in the bow of the boat during the storm.

You are not just a survivor says the Father. I have called upon you and destined you to thrive and excel in the presence of your enemies. I will make your bones fat from the bounty of the table spread in sight of your greatest threat. I do not run from the saber rattling of the dark one and I don’t want you to be intimidated. I have not given you a spirit of intimidation but of love, power and a sound mind that thinks like I think when you are under pressure. So rejoice says the Father and celebrate My watch care over you this day. You are safe in My everlasting arms and will see the salvation of God in the land of the living for this is your blessing time and no man or devil can defeat that purpose.

The Father Says Today: October 31st, 2014

There is Going to Be a New, Great Awakening!

Nov. 22nd – in Branson, Missouri:


Come and Participate in a Greater Vision of a Great Awakening –

November 22nd, 2849 Gretna Road, Branson Missouri:

There is coming a Great Awakening to God’s People. Corrie Ten Boom prophesied that Branson, Missouri would be ground zero for a mighty visitation of God. Marie Von Trapp saw the spirit of God moving over this city. Billye Brim located Prayer Mountain here because she believe God was about to do something very special here in the Branson Missouri area. Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden have traveled the USA and the world preaching, teaching, prophesying and in 2013 after a nationwide JERICHO DRIVE the Father said to “speak into Branson” regarding this prophesied revival. Michael Ratliff who prophesied the Pensacola Revival to Steve Hill spoke over Branson that it would have a similar outpouring. We invite you to come and speak with us and participate with us into this vision on November 22 at 2849 Gretna Road at 3 p.m. in the afternoon. As of this post there are people coming from other states here in the US and from abroad as well from nations such as the UK and Northern Ireland. God is doing something special – we invite you to participate. For information call 417.332.7298 or simply register for free using the link at the top of the page.

For more information:

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There is Going to Be a New, Great Awakening!

Morning Light - October 30th, 2014: The Forward Looking Word of God (Video)

MLToday: [Numbers Chapter Eight] The Forward Looking Word of God. In this chapter God gives Moses specific instructions about adjusting the lamps on the lampstand in the Holy Place. They had to face FORWARD and not BACKWARD. God wants us to be FORWARD looking and base our expectations on the word and not on circumstances we may see brewing in our lives. There are protocols for blessing and divine health and healing revealed in this chapter that explain why we don’t see more miracles today. There adjustments we can make in our thinking and doing that will bring us into a New Testament expectation of the miraculous today.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Father Says Today: October 30th, 2014

Russ-n-Kitty-10-2014x175The Father says today – Beloved your quietness and confidence intimidates the enemy. Those who bluster and shout with shrill insistence betray their own timidity. You are not among the ranks of the timid, you are of the warrior class. The enemy wants to muffle your laughter and pressure you into engaging him on his own terms. The enemy is all smoke and mirrors, deception and misdirection. Don’t succumb to his lies and foolishness. In the good fight of faith YOU are the PRINCIPALITY and the POWER. Satan is just the usurper who Adam allowed by disobedience to take on an illegitimate authority. Don’t put up with this beloved!

I have placed you in your own life even as I placed Adam and Eve in the garden. You are a TENDER and a KEEPER. The angels with the flaming swords are at the ready to driver out the usurpations of the enemy and enforce the faith filled expectations of your heart and the declarations of your mouth. So settle in and settle down! Settle in to your authority and settle down from all panic and hysteria for that is not your portion. Your portion is quietness, rest, and confidence. This is what gives the enemy of your soul a nervous breakdown because he knows his own inability to shatter the destiny of one who is at rest in Me.

Join us for the Morning Light Bible Study – 9 a.m. Central “The Forward Looking Word of God”

The Father Says Today: October 30th, 2014

Morning Light - October 29th, 2014: God Speaks into Your Liberality (Video)

MLToday: [Numbers Chapter Seven] The Voice of God Speaking into Your Liberality. In this chapter after the tabernacle is setup and activated we see the leaders of the 12 tribes go beyond all expectation in their giving. Leaders lead in giving. Leaders who don’t lead in giving will struggle with small minded, tight fisted people. Leaders who lead in giving must give away from themselves. When this kind of leadership in giving is in evidence there is a voice of God that will be heard that will not come any other way. God will not speak to a small minded, tight fisted church or individual. When your hand is open to Him, His voice will speak the healing, delivering word from the Mercy seat between the Cherubim.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Father Says Today: October 29th, 2014

Russ-n-Kitty-10-2014x175The Father says today I am upgrading you from a soldier to a warrior. Warriors live for the battle. Warriors refuse to accept defeat. Warriors never relent and never surrender. The Warrior Spirit of Jehovah-Lord of Sabbaoth is within you this day. I am the God of Battles and the Lord of Hosts! I call you this very hour not to the conscription of a draftee but a volunteer to the warfare of the ages! A soldier many times would avoid conflict if possible … I am calling you to a Warrior Ascension into the field of conflict that has only ONE outcome – the destruction of the enemy!

I have armed you and trained you says the Father. I have picked you to be one of My elite special forces! You are skilled and you are stealthy. You are audacious and brazen as you step onto the battle. Look out at the fray and stare the challenge of the enemy in the face. You will not only see the enemy but you will see Me as John the Revelator saw Me – with eyes like fire and feet like brass and a sword proceeding out of My mouth. Allow the sword of My Spirit to cleave to your hand this day says the Father until I make your enemies a footnote of your victory and put your foot in the neck of every challenge of the dark one!

The Father Says Today: October 29th, 2014

Morning Light - October 28th, 2014: Are You Called to be a Nazarite? (Video)

MLToday: [Numbers Chapter Six] Are You Called to Be a Nazarite? In this chapter God instructs the people about the vow of a Nazarite. Are you called to be “single for Jesus”? What does the bible say about such vows? Is the vow of celibacy scriptural or is it a curse that must be broken over your life by the God who said “it is not good to be alone”? Nazarites were required to abstain from wine, not to cut their hair and not come near the dead. We will see these things were very much in Jesus’ mind as many of His teachings make the spiritual application for you and I as to what it means to be a consecrated person before God.